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Submission Requirements & Form


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  • A "digital" submission means CAHAAS DOES NOT OWN your submission. We showcase it as your own on this site and social media. We will cite or source a selected submission as dictated by the submitter.

  • CAHAAS DOES NOT CONTROL how your digital submissions are shared through social media.

  • If a submission is selected to become part of a CAHAAS permanent collection, you will be contacted by us to discuss the process.

  • If you choose to donate your submission (article, photograph, document, or object) to CAHAAS, please let us know first so the proper documents are sent to you before submission is completed. A review of your donation material will be required.

  • If you have a question or concern about the submission process, feel free to fill out a Contact Us form or email us at

  • If you would like us to first preview your submission, email us directly at and write "Submission" on the subject line, and include a brief description. Please attach an image for us to review.


Thank you for considering the Central American Historical and Ancestral Society of California with your submission. You may click the red button to submit a form with your submission, or follow the steps below to email us your submission at


We are looking for original articles related to Central American history, culture, and ancestry that may or may not be tied to California. Articles on ancestry research best practice and how-to-pieces are encouraged.

Articles should be no more than 800 words in length for the CAHAAS blog. We strongly suggest including cited sources. If selected, a short description (two - three sentences) is required for the "stories" section and social media posting.

If you have full copyright permission, photographs are encouraged and links to your site are welcomed. A reprint will be considered if you note where and when it was published. Public domain images must also include a source.


We are looking for original photographs or documents related to Central American history, culture, and ancestry that may or may not be tied to California. Family photographs are encouraged and require a caption and photo credit. Documents must be historical (before 1980s) in nature and considered a primary source such as a newspaper clipping from the 1800s, or your great-grandmother's teaching credentials.

Photo captions: Identify everyone in each photo or place, if possible. Tell us approximately when and where it was taken. Each photo submission requires a short story, two - three sentences in length. If the story is longer, you may consider writing an article. Tell us who took each photo, if known, or whether we should credit "Courtesy of the ___________ family" or "Courtesy (subject’s name)." We need a caption and credit for every photograph submitted.

Initial query for submitting a photograph, should include a low-resolution (low-res) jpeg of photo for our review. An actual submission, will require a high-resolution digital photograph. We will indicate how to transfer your file/photograph, and note we prefer all images to be saved as TIFFs or JPEGs (highest quality).

We prefer scanning at the highest quality of old photographs and documents, and saving them as TIFFs.


While CAHAAS is currently an online platform only; we would like to review your digital submissions of artifacts. If selected, it can be featured in CAHAAS "digital exhibit" section. If an event or a travel exhibit is scheduled, we may ask to "borrow" your object for display. At that point, you may accept or decline. We would send detail guidelines for submitting actual objects.

Please follow the same guidelines above for submitting a photograph.

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