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Mission & Vision

The mission of the Central American Historical and Ancestral Society (CAHAAS) of California is to promote an understanding of Central America's rich and dynamic history through an easily accessible digital platform where stories, art, history, and culture can be promoted and shared with all.

CAHAAS links the past with the present by uprooting history through the curation of Central American artifacts, archival documentation and historical photographs, bringing to light more inclusive and authentic stories to ultimately change perspectives and behaviors towards Central Americans.

The driving force behind this educational platform and community resource is to bridge the cultural knowledge gap that leads to biased narratives, stereotypes, racism and inequality. To close the gap on racial inequality means raising all voices within this group in the United States knowing the impacts of systemic racism and systemic inequities are experienced differently and on many different levels. We raise all voices to empower our communities and the general public.


With over 3.4 million Central Americans living in the United States and more worldwide, we envision an online platform that reaches audiences across the globe, along with the opening of CAHAAS chapters to serve local communities nationwide. Each location centered on collecting, preserving and sharing relevant Central American history and experiences that expand the national narrative and a better shared future.

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