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Finding Your Central American Ancestors

Your research drives our workshop! Give us the topic and we will research together.

Where: Zoom

When: Thursdays at 8pm (PST)

Cost: Free 

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You will...

  • Learn how to navigate through the Central American catalogs on

  • How to use keywords, boolean, and cache to narrow searches on Google

  • Search Diario Oficiales for ancestors, inheritance announcements, and much more

  • Key Facebook pages to join or follow

  • Brief intro to digital online collections (i.e. CIA, OAC, and DPLA)

  • Gain important ancestry research skills to get results

Watch research
"Tips & Tricks"
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Where: Jane B Eisner Campus 

2755 W 15th St,

Los Angeles, CA 90006

When: July 24 -28

Workshop Summary: Drawing inspiration from our family stories and ancestors, this Ethnic Studies-centered program begins with a talk about the role family history can play in teaching Ethnic Studies by connecting our past to the present and then guides educators on how to build critical family history projects. Participants will learn how to use engaging online tools and resources to customize a family history project that best suits their classroom needs. The ultimate goal is for students to situate their ancestors and themselves within a larger context and as part of the American narrative.

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