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Your donation of stories, oral history, images of artifacts, heirlooms, photographs, and more will help us reach our goal to research, write, and publish 100 Central American Historical Biographies.

We are eager to meet our goal and have the biographies help educate students and the general public alike about our rich Central American history in California and the many ways our American stories enrich our social and cultural national history.

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The 100 Central American Historical Biographies is now a project of Empowerment Works,

a 501(c)(3) Fiscal Sponsor, tax-exempt organization based in Santa Barbara, California.

Financial information can be found at Empowerment Works or

Donate a Personal Collection

Partner with CAHAAS by gifting your personal collection related to Central Americans and become a history maker.

This is the time to write our American story together.

Fill out a submission form today!

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