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Father: Henri Felix Wolff (Enrique)

Mother: Lucie Dreyfus

Robert Wolff was born in Zacatecoluca, La Paz on July 24, 1897. He had an older brother Maurice and younger sister Marguerite.


His father Henri was an importer of cotton goods  in Zacatecoluca with a property located across PARQUE PEÑA next door to Teresa Orellana, v. de Alfaro and Jose Dolores Diaz.

His parents sent Robert to France in 1914, the same year his daughter Rosa was born. He fought in both World War I and II.


In 1967, his letters finally made it to his daughter. In his letters mailed from Malaucene, France he recognizes her as his daughter and apologizes for his misfortunes and inability to care for her. By then, he had married Andrea Wolff and had a son Pierre Wolff.

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