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Wolff Family (Zacatecoluca, El Salvador)

Rosa's birth was concealed from Robert who coincidentally was sent to France in 1914, the same year his daughter Rosa was born and the beginning of WWI.

Roberto Wolff (abt 1897)

Wife: Andrea Wolff

Son: Pierre Wolff

Daughter: Rosa Emma Duran (recognized in 1967)

Father: Henri (Enrique) Felix Wolff (abt 1867)

Mother: Lucie (Lucia) Wolff (maiden name Dreyfus abt 1870)

Siblings: Mauricio (Maurice) Wolff (abt 1895) and Marguerite Wolff (abt 1900)

Wolff Family (Paris, France):


Henri Felix Wolff

Father: Salomon Wolff (abt 1840)

Mother: Reine Wolff (maiden name- Dreyfus abt 1845)

Siblings: Leopold, Louise Eleonore, Sarah Pauline


Lucie Dreyfus

Father: Henri Dreyfus

Mother: Charlotte Dreyfus (maiden name Levy)

The Holocaust

Mauricio Wolff, Leonie (Sachsenhaus) wife, Anna- daughter, Adele Sachsenhaus (mother-in-law) died in Auschwitz. Their son Henri was spared and took on a new name as Henri Bechard.

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