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Our family took root in El Salvador centuries ago. It is the birth country of my great-grandparents who survived insurmountable challenges to stay alive. From immigration to persecutions, their stories reflect the hardships of the colonized and marginalized. At the same time, these narratives when uprooted are remarkable, valuable, inspirational, and worth sharing.

This site is dedicated to these ancestors and their heroic stories.

My grandparents were all born in El Salvador, but my maternal grandparents decided to move permanently to California in 1963. I was raised in a bicultural environment, which sparked my curiosity about my family origins. As far back as I can remember, before I was a teenager, I made it my mission to investigate every family story. It is their memories, objects, and photos that have allowed me to build a more comprehensive family narrative, and to adopt a wider lens in which to study Latin America.

I would like to acknowledge my family, aunts, uncles, and cousins for their collective generosity and support in granting me their time and access to their family stories and memories.

To view family tree, please contact me via LinkedIn.

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